Departmental Details

Administrative Assistants

Our excellent Anaesthetic Department secretaries have a wealth of information regarding the day to day running of the department. Please talk to Helen Carroll or Joanne Banner (Fridays) in person or on x9936 for anything related to office support, leave and pay information, meetings and appointments, rosters, forms etc.

Shift Times

Duty Anaesthetist (Consultant)

0600-1800 Weekdays  (On call from 0600)

0800-1800 Weekends

Obstetric Consultant

0730-1800 Weekdays

There is a late obstetric theatre list running until 2000:

Mon – Thurs covered by a consultant

Friday – covered by SR/Fellow (consultant cover finishing at 1800)

Consultant Evening on call

Consultant 1800-2200

Consultant Second on call

1800-2200 Weekdays

0800-1800 Weekends

Consultant Night on call

2200-0600 Weekdays

1800-0800 Weekends

Consultant On-Call Roster

The current consultant on call roster is posted on the door of Office 6 (end office on left) in the department.

Our current arrangements are that you are required to do as many on calls in a month as days of work that you do in a week, i.e. If you work three days a week you would be expected to do 1 evening shift, 1 night shift and 1 weekend shift (three shifts) a month.

David Bridgman runs the consultant rostering and collates the requests approximately a month in advance. You are welcome to request “not on call” in the red diary for any specific nights/weekends that you may be busy. You are also welcome to volunteer specific days/night to do an on-call in the diary. David works hard to accommodate all requests in the diary however the only way to guarantee not being on call is to put a formal leave request in.

Once the roster has been written you can still swap directly with another colleague. Please annotate the roster on the door, and email Helen who will update JARS (Joondalup Anaesthetic Rostering System) for telephone switch etc.

Consultant Leave Applications

All Leave requests need a leave form to be completed and given to Helen to forward to Liezel. At the same time please also enter the requested days in the red annual Diary (front desk) for rostering.

Leave needs to be approved by Liezel prior to taking or making significant plans (such as booking congress, flights, accommodation etc). Whilst the Liezel tries very hard to honour all leave requests There is a priority system for busy periods (School holidays/conferences) favouring:

  1. Speakers at a congress
  2. Those who didn’t take similar leave the year before.

If the on-call roster has already been published you will need to organize cover for your on-calls.

Professional development claims and travel entitlement claim forms can be found in the pigeon holes in the tea room.