Duty Anaesthetist PM Duties

Handover 12.45-13.15

If you are on a list in the AM, identify finishing time and liaise with DA if finishing late. Morning DA may have PM commitments.

Evening registrars starting at 1230 should contact you as you may have to change their allocations due to sickness emergencies etc.

Duties otherwise same as AM including afternoon tea. There is not usually an obs reg in the afternoon so pain reg can see patients

Evening 1700-1730

Ensure evening registrars and consultants get dinner

Overrunning lists Identify likely overrunning lists (including cath lab and endoscopy) and anyone that cannot stay past 1800. Do not let the emergency lists work through after 1730 unless you are happy that staff are not staying late against their will in other theatres.

Obs emergency theatre Obstetric emergency theatre carries on from afternoon Caesar list with same consultant till 1900.

Two additional theatres (orthopaedics and general emergency) run from 1800-2200 (wind down to 1 theatre at 2100). Emergency theatres will not start if other lists are overrunning as emergency nursing staff will often take over in those theatres.

Evening Handover 1745

Evening Handover The evening consultant may take the phone at 1745 but if they are in a list remember they cannot help anyone else. Consider how wise this is if there are more than 4 other theatres running. The emergency list consultants are expected to stay until 1800 at least if the evening DA is otherwise busy.