Pain Consultant

Pain Service

The pain service is a consultant led service that provides acute pain management at all times as well as a consultative service for chronic pain conditions when needed in hours. The anaesthetic registrar that holds the 0400 page is continuously onsite although they do share other responsibilities after hours in particular for other anaesthetic responsibilities.

Pain Rounds

Catheter Boluses 0730 (pain registrar)

The pain registrar will top up all catheters that require bolusing (eg rectus sheath catheters) prior to the pain round commencing.

Morning Round 0800-0830

Pain round commences between 0800-0830

The pain team meets in the anaesthetic office.

Liz Smith CNC and Angela Libby CN work a 9 day fortnight, Monday – Friday. The Pain team can be contacted on Page 908 or roving phone 5042. The pain service runs 24 hours and the 0400 page holder is the first call.

Afternoon cover

The afternoon does not have a dedicated pain consultant although the morning consultant will often be available to provide advice for the afternoon DA and pain registrar when needed.

Saturday Rounds

The pain consultants will provide a saturday pain round with a pain nurse and registrar.  The registrar will be shared with other duties (eg MET calls and epidurals) similar to other after hours services.

As there is no dedicated obstetric consultant the pain consultant can be consulted for any issues relating to postpartum back checks during this round.

The aim of the Saturday round is to have a plan for the rest of the weekend so that most of the patients will not require extensive review on the sunday.

Sunday Rounds

The Sunday round is provided by the anaesthetic registrar holding the 0400 page, with advice in the first instance from the DA as required.