Perioperative Services

Specialist Medical Assessment Clinic

Preoperative Assessment Clinic (PAC)

Daily clinic sessions are held, located just off site at 6/65 Grand Boulevard. This is usually consultant run due to the mixture of Public and Private patients. A High Risk Clinic runs all day Wednesday and especially complex cases will be referred to these clinics.

There are a number of protocols and guidelines for peri-operative patients. These guidelines can be found in the Perioperative Anaesthesia Clinic Guidelines produced by Hon Sim. There is a booklet in each consulting room and will also soon be on the SMAC computer desktops. The SMAC booklet gives detailed information with respect to bariatrics, OSA Ix and Mx, diabetes management (separate guideline attached), patient blood management, surgeon/procedure preferences when withholding anticoagulation etc

Complex Patients

If you have concerns about a patient you have seen or operations you may not be familiar with please discuss with the DA or the relevant anaesthetist. SMAC staff should be informed (and a form completed) for a planned admission to HDU/ICU so that beds can be booked in advance. Please photocopy the covering sheet of your assessment and enter the pt’s name in the red office diary for the day of surgery and place the form in the folder next to the diary.

Perioperative Echo Service

Our SMAC Clinic also provides an echo service for patients attending their perioperative assessment. Echos can be organised on most Tuesdays and Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The Consultants in charge of this service are Michael Veltman, Hon Sim, Lisa Zuccherelli, Kevin Hartley and Catherine Fuller.

All inpatient echos can be directed to the Perioperative Echo Service or any visiting Cardiologist.