Theatre Services


We currently run 12 theatres, 1 Endovascular Catheter Lab and 2 Endoscopy Suites. Lists start at 08:00 (except Thursday from 08:30) and 13:30 (except at present the Friday vascular list 13:00). Patients are admitted directly to the wards or via the Day Procedure Unit situated in the main corridor. The first patients arrive on the Day Procedure Unit from about 7am.

The theatre roster is produced a week in advance. It is published by Helen and sent out to consultants in provisional format on Wednesday. The final copy is published on the Friday before the week commencing.

If you have specific requests with respect to N/A sessions/teaching etc please direct them to Liezel.

On the day theatres are run by the floor coordinator x5010 your list location may have moved please check the white boards on the day of surgery. Any issues should be passed through the DA.

Private Patients

In theatres you will find that most lists contain a mixture of public and private patients. These private health funds are billed direct by Ramsay for anaesthetic services. You are responsible for and required to be present throughout the full case, as though it was a private patient of your own in another hospital. Please attach the patient sticker to the lilac Anaesthetic Theatre Data Record and fill out the relevant details on the form for collection in the pink tray at theatre reception.